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so my premium is going to run out soon and I want to keep using the amazing rarity journal skin so... Donation poll open
i'm not going to force or beg but if your feeling generous every bit counts =)

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hyped for tomorrow when Pokken Tournament DX and the Gold and Silver rerelease comes out =D

now I just need to figure out who i'm going to main with in pokken and most importantly....
what am I going to go with my gen 2 team, most importently Jolteon or Umbreon? this choice will greatly affect my final team so i'll let you all deside, who is going to be my eeveelution?
thoughts on the new episode


i'm sorry but this episode is DUMB, lets go down the list.... why is the shampoo and remover the same color?, why cant anypony tell rarity from the eyes fur color voice ANYTHING, PInkie is a dumbass, oh and the biggest... 
there is no hair fixing magic BULLSHIT :angry:
in season 1 Twilight could create a mustache for spike so don't say there is no hair magic

at least the ending was heartwarming and OMFG punk rarity is so fucking beautiful :love:, to bad the rest was kind of stupid -_-
just got back from the worlds largest scavenger hunt
pretty sure Ottawa just beat the world record =D
seen the Netflix Death Note movie...... i'm not sure how to feel about it :confused:

*UPDATE* ok now that I have time to think of it, hear some others opinions on it, while rewatching the original anime I realized THE MOVIE IS AWFUL I mean my god some of the choices they made are just ridiculous, the only good thing is Willem Dafoe as Ryuk, I think I like this version more then the original =D
the rest, is awful  
in case you didn't know episodes 12 and 13 of MLP were released early and are on youtube and Dailymotion
i'll just leave episode 13 here [link]
DO NOT CLICK IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN SPOILER FREE FOR THE US RELEASE though you'll have to survive the hiatus before that so good luck =(

but I will say this now, it is not easy to make me cry but this episode did it, I was in tears half way through this and it didn't let up until it was done, I will leave it at that because I don't want to spoil anything but this is a good one, a really good one, top 10 good right after watching it, may drop before the season is over but SWEET CELESTIA :happycry: 


kxp71's Profile Picture
kurtus Striker
Artist | Student | Digital Art
name : Kurtus Mann

species : pony

Gender : Male

Colours : body- red, eyes-yellow, mane- black, tail- black with red tips

Cutie mark : the lugermorph

Accessories : black sweater

Weapon of choice : lugermorth, Rarity's love, physical strength

Friends : ponyville, mane 6, luna and her royal guards, spike, sniper, Britina, phyco

Enemies : Diamond dogs, enemies of Equestria

Likes : jokes , defending Equestria, hanging around my friends and my Love

Dislikes : the sick f**ks who enjoy killing pony's, wasps, the dark, dark magic, AND SPARITY

My marefriend : Rarity Boop .:PC:. by TikiTiel i love that mare so much

bio- the names kurtus, i use to be the weapons man for RED, and i'm now the leader of Princess Luna's secrete services named Team fortress, i use to be a human but do to a radiation explotion i was turned into a pony AND I F**KING LOVE IT, my mission is to help every pony and defend Equestria and the ones I love from harm, you mess with equestria you mess with me, and you don't want me as an enemy
REQUEST: AppleDash Stamp by DallyDog101 REQUEST:  AppleDash Stamp by inkypaws-productions Stamp: Twilight Sparkle x Pinkie Pie by Mint-Berry-Crunch-69 REQUEST: SpikeBelle Stamp by inkypaws-productions I Support Fluttermac Stamp by TheCat101 DiamondSpoon by A-Ponies-Love REQUEST: SoarinxSpitfire Stamp by inkypaws-productions Not canon =/= cannot ship by S-Laughtur .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot I :heart: Rarity Stamp by Ilona-the-Sinister REQUEST:  SnailsxTwist Stamp by inkypaws-productions:thumb303935456: Anti SoarinJack stamp by FairyKitties22 Anti Discopie Stamp by FairyKitties22 Rarity stamp by tofuudog Anti- Aloetus by FairyKitties22 Rarity Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Support IS Stamp. by Clitical-Hit Pre-FiM Lauren Faust Stamp by Roses-and-Feathers 026 Raichu Stamp by Kevfin 038 Ninetales Stamp by Kevfin:thumb371306643: Umbreon stamp by SilverLucario12 097 Hypno by UsagiGami Rapidash Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps 497 - Serperior by Marlenesstamps Shiny Gengar by KitthePyro PokeStamps 49 : Venomoth Stamp by Kevfin Zorua stamp by Zorua Rayquaza-Stamp by Dinoclaws Afraid of the Dark Types? by The-Emerald-Otter Absol Stamp by Atlanta-Hammy Animated Absol Stamp by Absyy Absol Stamp by Deruuyo Absol Fan Forever Stamp by 4everpokemon Absol fan stamp by charry-photos absol stamp by PFV0-Stamp Ailcorn Twilight Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 As in, no 'THIS JUST SUCKS' by endler:thumb370180059: Luna Winking Stamp by VipeyDashie Rarity - stamp by V1KA Rarity - stamp by V1KA:thumb277366970: Rarity - Stamp by A-Ponies-Love Rarity Stamp by schwarzekatze4 Luna -New Version- Stamp by jewlecho Luna Stamp by schwarzekatze4 Keep Calm and brony on stamp by BOBBOBISON:thumb373398781: Stamp: I'm fabulous by Lily-de-Wakabayashi ~ Equestria Girls Stamp ~ by cute-kawaii-pixels Stamp: Rarity by Lily-de-Wakabayashi MLP: Rarity stamp by Janbearpig I Liked equestria Girls- Stamp by 2ButterBall3 Twilicorn Is good~Stamp by 2ButterBall3 Killzone Invasion Stamp by Clone-Trooper My Rarity Stamp by rashter Rarity fan stamp by Joakaha Rarity 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHans SpikeBell - by never-coming-back Stamp: FlashLight Fan by Shiiazu EG Generosity stamp by NatouMJSonic:thumb397701403::thumb375976898: MLP EQ Logo by Jailboticus MLP EQ Rarity Stomp by Jailboticus MLP EQ Wondercolts v2 by Jailboticus Rarity Fan Stamp by Shiiazu Twilight Sparkle Fan Stamp by Shiiazu Applejack Fan Stamp by Shiiazu MLP Stamp: Rarity by MaxxLava:thumb258306050::thumb257815448::thumb257805826: AppleDash by never-coming-back Rarity Human Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 .:Rarity:. by veincchi (Request) Anti Sparity Stamp by KittyJewelpet78:thumb411561088: Umbreon Lovers  stamps by thebloodedrose Sylveon lovers stamp by thebloodedrose Mega Blastoise by Marlenesstamps Mega Blaziken by Marlenesstamps Mega Lucario by Marlenesstamps Mega Absol by Marlenesstamps new group icon by Xsecretgirl Caitlyn Stamp Skin by Dweynie Ashe Stamp Skin by Dweynie MLP EQ Wondercolts v3 by Jailboticus Twilight Sparkle Stamp (Request) by LinkinParkBrony I find your lack of friendship disturbing. by AtomicMillennial:thumb384015135: Proud to be Canadian by Wearwolfaa Rarity Stamp by CreateDisney Radiance stamp by FunnyGamer95 Anti Mane-iac Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 EQG: Rarity's Glamorous Nails Stamp by harvestcheddar EQG: Rarity's Luscious Lips Stamp by harvestcheddar (Request) Anti RarityXTrenderhoof Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 AppleFancy stamp by Stamp-Master Country Rarity stamp by Stamp-Master Its not Serious by KittyJewelpet78 FlutterMac Stamp by ComedianteEmo Twinkie by ComedianteEmo AppleDash Stamp by ComedianteEmo Rarity needs more love Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Applejack is Underated by KittyJewelpet78 (Request) Anti it MLP EP Breezies Stamp by KittyJewelpet78:thumb439587648: Anti Seabreeze Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 #28 Stamp Request - Maud Pie by RossmaniteAnzu AppleDash Fan Stamp by JessicaCasciotta88:thumb458638185: Rarity and Spike as friends by KittyJewelpet78:thumb507493787: Emoticon - Rarity by wandrevieira1994 Steven Universe by stampsnstuff Starlight Glimmer stamp by Tamatanium Starlight Glimmer Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12 Starlight Glimmer by Marlenesstamps

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